“Mr. De Jesus [has] an innate personal charisma that elevates a character or choreography to something beyond itself.”


The New York Times

After 17 seasons as a leading dancer with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Ron De Jesus envisioned his transition from performer to choreographer as an opportunity to create a dance company in which dance would serve as a source of inspiration and innovation for both its performers and audience.  De Jesus was able to realize his vision after starting Ron De Jesus Dance as a non-profit in New York City in 2007. After a successful move to Chicago in 2010, RDJDance has matured into an applauded contemporary dance company. The company’s artistic vision combines the diverse professional experiences of its dancers with Ron’s passion for new choreography, collaborations, and innovative production concepts. Each RDJDance performance conveys the human experience while introducing a new voice to a timeless art form.


Upcoming Events


  • The Osiris Legend / October 6, 2016

      The Ruth Page Center for the Arts / Chicago


  • The Osiris Legend / October 8 & 9, 2016

      Music Hall / Detroit





  • Ron De Jesus Dance 2015